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Courageous Pennsylvania School Officials Nab 5-Year Old Terrorist

Jerome49 Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 11:43 AM
The federal government has not been shy to prosecute criminals who use the mail to commit crimes of fraud and theft. Yet when a gun is used to commit a crime federal proecutions are at an all time low. We have seen that the existence of stringent gun laws have done nothing to eliminate gun violence. N.Y.C., Chicago, Washington D.C., Detroit, and L.A. are perfect examples of cities that have very restrictive gun laws yet lead the country in the number of murders. Instead of passing and enforcing more laws against 'gang-bangers' and putting these scum away for life, the anti-gun crowd wants to pass even more laws that will only be followed by law abiding people.

It appears that my contest between the United States and United Kingdom for the most inane government policy how has to be augmented by a new contest between Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Just yesterday, I mocked Maryland officials for suspending two little boys for the horrific crime of playing cops and robbers (and noted that this is not the first time such stupidity has been displayed by Maryland school officials).

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