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You're damned right he does. Obama and his posse are responsible for any shutdown of government. they are going to do the same thing when it comes to raising the debt limit. Obama is already assigning blame to Republicans if they don't allow him to increase the debt limit to any level he wants. That sob will be out of office collecting his pension and millions in speaking fees in three years, but we, our children and grandchildren will be stuck with the monumental debt this fool has run up.
Congratulations, that is the real question that everyone should be asking. If these bureaucrats are non-essential (and they quite clearly are) why are they there in the first place? We don't need them.
I don't know about anyone else, but it feels good to me.
I like Bill O'Reilly's suggestion. Send the CR back to the Senate revised as follows: 1. funding Obamacare; 2, giving people who want Obamacare the right to take it today and giving those who don't want it a one-year delay on compliance; and 3. eliminating Obamacare premium subsidies for government employees. Make it clear that refusal to negotiate these terms would demonstrate that it is the Democrats who want the shutdown.
Drawing pictures of guns, playing "cops and robbers" or "cowboys and Indians" or pointing your index finger at another kid and saying "bang, bang" is grounds for getting suspended. But when one of these kids physically or verbally assaults a teacher there is no suspension and the teacher is put on trial, or just told to "deal with it". Schools are disciplining kids for the wrong reasons and should be called on it.
Unfortunately, those who come up with these absurd propositions are never the ones who come to confiscate your weapons. These cowards send in the police. The place to fight for your Second Amendment rights is not at your front door when the police (or the government) come to take them. You will always lose and be portrayed as a dangerous lunatic. No, the right place to fight for your rights is at the ballot box. Join with other like minded Americans by joining the NRA. Write reasonable responses to newspaper editorials that call for more gun control. Don't make, or even imply threats, about giving up your gun or having it pried from your cold, dead hands. It makes you sound like a fanatic and therefore the dangerous person critics accuse gun owners of being. Call for stricter enforcement of the laws already on the books, instead or more laws that real criminals will ignore anyway.
Kids are getting suspended for pointing their fingers at each other saying "bang, bang". Are we all really feeling safer because of this?
I also agree with that assessment.
His word has been law so far. He thinks that he is only defying Republicans in the House and Senate. What he is really doing is telling all those millions who didn't vote for him that he doesn't give a damn about what they think. He once criticized Romney for "writing off" 47% of the country because of Romney's comment that 47% of the voters would never vote for him. Obama is doing what he accused Romney of doing, but in this case more than 50% of the people in this country don't want Obamacare. Everything he has told us about Obamacare so far has been a lie. He talks about Obamacare being "the law of the land" therefore it is sacrosanct and unable to be changed, except he himself has changed it 14 times since it was passed.
The main stream media seems to care about a government shutdown and they seem to want to blame it all on Republicans.
No man, or his money, is safe while mthe legislature is in session.
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