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Then we are all screwed forever because you can't get money out of politics. That's why politicians will spend millions of their own money to get elected to a job that pays $174,000 a year and that is why they will never vote for term limits. Don't blame the people who offer money to politicians. Instead kick out any politician taking money, or anything of value for himself, or family members, from any source.
Remember Obama's criticism of Romney's comment that 47% of the electorate would never vote for him? Obama said that Romney had "written off 47% of Americans". That seems to be exactly what Obama is doing to the 49% of voters who did vote for Romney. When Romney says it, that's terrible. When Obama does it, that's fine.
To get the necessary vote in the Senate there had to be a little bribery. Remember the Cornhusker Kickback awarded to Ben Nelson of Nebraska and the Second Louisiana Purchase from Mary Landrieu?
Excellent response. Obama Care is the law of the land alright, until Obama decides to unilaterally amend it, as he has done more than a dozen times so far.
Was she lining up "dates" for Elliot Spitzer?
The term "progressive" is merely a euphemism for "socialist". Sounds nicer, doesn't it? Kind of like "undocumented worker" sounds nicer than illegal alien and "ethnic cleansing" sounds so much nicer than mass murder.
Conservatives love facts and make their decisions based on them. Liberals on the other hand make their decisions based on emotions and feelings. We know who won the election. We are reminded of it every day when we look at the unemployment rate; the number of people on food stamps and in poverty; the national debt; the increase in taxes; the number of people who have been switched from full-time to part-time jobs and others who have had their health plan dropped by their employers because of the ACA. I think about who won the election when I hear that $500 billion in Medicare funding over the next ten years is being taken to pay for Obama Care. I am reminded of who won the election when I hear that the government had 800,000 "non-essential" employees on the payroll at taxpayer expense. Yes, we lost the election. Before too much longer you will come to the realization that you also lost.
When a reporter asked Harry Reid if he would support funding for NIH's clinical trials for cancer if it could save even one child's life, Harry revealed just what kind of "man" he is. "Why would I want to do that?" Decent people would phrase the response a little differently, like "Why wouldn't I want to do that?" To Harry and his boss, nothing is more important than scoring political points, not even the possibility of saving a child's life. This kind of "compassion" is common among the Obama administration. It wasn't that long ago that Secretary of Health & Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, was petitioned by a mother of a child dying of cystic fibrosis to grant an exception of a government rule that prohibited lung transplants from an adult to a child under age 13. The Secretary of "Health & Human Services" turned down the mother and dying child saying "rules are rules". Fortunately, a judge saw things differently and overruled Sebelius. The girl got the transplant, has recovered and is alive and well today. These are the same people who stridently deny the existence of "death panels" in Obama Care. They are all so used to lying, it has become routine to them. It works for the President, why shouldn't it work for us? Louis Lerner felt the same way ("I didn't do anything wrong and on the advice of my lawyer, I'm not going to answer any of your questions, as is my right under the fifth Amendment.) Eric Holder felt the same way (I didn't know anything about Fast & Furious." "I never actually said I wanted to prosecute James Rosen, I only subpoenaed his phone records and those of his parents in case I decided to prosecute him for reporting leaked information.") The guy in charge of the NSA only told a Congressional investigation the "least untrue statement" he could make about the NSA's collection and storage of phone records and e-mails of the general public. Susan Rice felt the same way as did Hillary Clinton when they insisted that the attacks on the Benghazi consulate were the result of a anti-Islamic video posted on you tube. But hey, what difference does it make?
The first thing we can do is to vote every Democrat and RINO out of office the very first chance we get.
You have to get your priorities straight. Who cares about a default, as long as abortions are allowed, gays can marry and birth control pills are free. These are really the only important issues of the day.
Proof positive that Obama doesn't give a damn who he hurts in his quest for power. Retirees living on their pensions and 401k plans will have their income decimated by sharp drop in the stock market. But Obama believes that he can get away with blaming that on Republicans too.
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