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Fred -- Just wait until the Democrats find out what's in store for them. Wait until they try to enroll in Obama Care and learn what it's going to cost them and what their deductibles and coinsurance payments are going to be. Wait until they learn that their doctors are going to be in the insurance exchange plans. Wait until they learn that their doctors will not accept Obama Care patients because they won't get paid their normal charges. Wait until the young people learn that they will pay four to five times more for insurance than they currently pay. Wait until they find out that they are too young or too old for a transplant or a pacemaker, or expensive chemotherapy treatments, from a "Patient Medical Review" panel, composed of government appointees. Then we will see how much they love Obama Care. Then we can remind them "It's the law of the land".
Obama is the drag on the economy, you twit.
That's what lots of us have been saying for a long time. This is only one of the reason we favor limited government. When you have to rely on government for everything, you become like a dog reliant on his master, most often neutered. Do what you are told, when you are told and you get fed and get to sleep indoors. Disobey the master and your estate will be quite different, no food, no indoor living and who knows, maybe the pound until its time for the final shot.
I am not sure what you mean. SCOTUS involves itself in legislative matters all the time. But a law suit must be filed on behalf of a party or parties who claim that unequal enforcement of the law has caused them harm or loss. The extension of time for compliance with the ACA granted to businesses, but denied to individuals would be an example of unfair enforcement of a law on a certain group of people causing them harm and loss. If lower courts ruled against complainants, this could provide a path to judicial review by SCOTUS.
The SCOTUS also ruled at one time that "separate, but equal" (Plessey v Furgeson) was Constitutional.
Just keep this in mind, the 800,000 furloughed employees are called "non-essential", not by me, but by the current administration. This may be the only time I have ever agreed with anything they have said. But ask yourself, why does the government have 800,000 non-essential employees on the payroll? I say it's for the same reason a dog licks his 'under-carriage', because he can. And Pelosi says there is no where to cut government spending.
You would think that with the "war" we Republicans have been waging against women all these years, we would have killed them all by now. How is it that we Republicans ever had mothers, grandmothers, sisters or wives? Don't you know we hate all women and want to eliminate them all? And are you telling me that we Republicans are going to have to free all our slaves? OMG, who is going to pick our cotton? Now you have it, a full confession by a Republican on behalf of all Republicans. Happy now, you stupid baboon?
Polly, you got that right. I can remember 'candidate' Obama promising a round table discussion on health care reform that was to include doctors, hospital administrators, representatives of the pharmaceutical and health insurance companies and bipartisan members of Congress to be televised on C-SPAN "so the American people could see who was best representing their interests". Once elected, 'president' Obama took a very different view. There was certainly no bipartisan input from Congress and the backroom discussions were no only closed to C-SPAN TV cameras, but to all Republicans as well. When they were through, we had the ACA that non of the Democrats bothered to read before passing the legislation, or signing it into law. And why, didn't they read it? Because they knew it was not going to apply to them.
But Pelosi says there is no way to cut government spending.
Then we are all screwed forever because you can't get money out of politics. That's why politicians will spend millions of their own money to get elected to a job that pays $174,000 a year and that is why they will never vote for term limits. Don't blame the people who offer money to politicians. Instead kick out any politician taking money, or anything of value for himself, or family members, from any source.
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