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The Bible vs. Heart

Jerome41 Wrote: Apr 12, 2013 2:41 AM
What a condescending jerk Prager can be. So anyone who doesn't use the goat herder wisdom of the bible, which can't even get the number of legs that insects have right, just uses their heart? No Dennis, we think for ourselves. We look at moral problems on the question of reducing harm and suffering. You just recite what your supposed holy text tells you like a little child quoting Santa.
I offer the single most politically incorrect statement a modern American -- indeed a modern Westerner, period -- can make: I first look to the Bible for moral guidance and for wisdom.

I say this even though I am not a Christian (I am a Jew, and a non-Orthodox one at that). And I say this even though I attended an Ivy League graduate school (Columbia), where I learned nothing about the Bible there except that it was irrelevant, outdated and frequently immoral.

I say this because there is nothing -- not any religious or secular body of work -- that comes...