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Medicare Needs More Competition, Not Less

Jerome41 Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 12:54 AM
The market is whatever the market will pay, be if if the buyer are private companies or the government. WHo is the buyer of military goods, the government. Isn't the price of tanks that the government buys, reflects the market? What drug companies get for drugs they sell is not the cost, but what they get for drugs they sell. Simply the leverage they have in maximuming prices. The market is not some magic price but simply how much suppliers can demand from consumers when it comes to prices. Too much of our health care dollars are spent to pad the profits of billionaires. Especially when it comes to health insurance. Too many politicans who get millions from health insurance companies what to turn Medicare into a profit sharing plan with
Jerome41 Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 12:56 AM
private health insurance companies, who have a great track record of denying coverage to the people who hold their policies. Death panels if you will, runned by them. Medicare adminstrative costs are a fraction of private health insurance companies who also need to pad costs through profits. Medicare dollars shouldn't be a tool to pad the profits of the rich and few.

Senate Democrats are finally beginning the process of writing a budget after four years of dereliction. They will almost certainly include some changes to Medicare, the largest driver of federal spending and debt. But unfortunately, there are indications that they intend to focus on the small piece of Medicare (10.6 percent in 2012) that is actually working well: the Medicare Part D prescription drug program.

The drug companies cut a deal with the White House early in Obama’s first term to provide the funding for pro-Obamacare TV commercials and street organizing in exchange for favorable treatment in that bill. But...

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