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Drinking the Same-Sex "Marriage" Kool-Aid

Jerome41 Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 12:18 PM
What a sad, sad man. He sounds like a man opposed to the right of women to vote in 1917, decrying rising support for women to vote. After all, that was "traditional" voting. The fact is that children are raised by gay couples but that is no concern for this author. What is his concern is pushing his religious beliefs on the rest of us. Thankfully, we aren't Iran.
One, I don't know where you get your stat. But let's say it's true. You are that afraid of such a tiny amount of people getting married? But even if only one gay couple ever marries in Canada, that is still one couple who love each other who have that ability. Rights to marriage aren't dependent on how much a subgroup marries. That's absurd. Then again, you always sound absurd.
Actually Austin, the wealth has been created, those making MW and workers in general, are just getting a smaller and smaller percentage of it over the decades. If adjusted for inflation, the MW would be over $10 an hour, if adjusted for both inflation and productivity gains (just in service productivity gains and not economy as a whole) it would be a lot more than $10 an hour. Low income workers have little leverage so they get a smaller and smaller amount. Part of the problem being outsourcing giving even more leverage to employers.
Yes, you are right, the 80% number is temporary. Soon it will be 90%.
Sigh, you idiot. Charles Darwin was describing nature, not prescribing morality off its' observations. I know that is way beyond your tiny mental grasp.
So maybe gays are just more honest than heteros who lie about adultery while committing it.
Drive away young voters who do not support same sex marriage? Where? About 80% of those under 30 support same sex marriage, it is hard to fine an issue where those under 30 are that unified. Heck, I don't know if you could get 80% of teenage girls to like Justin Bieber.
Were militant suffragists a curse on American society when they campaigned for the right to vote? Because that is what they were called, militants. They were also called ungodly and atheists, and many of them were. The religious rightwing time and time again is on the wrong side of history just as they are on the issue of marriage equality.
You are already kind of a fascist, why not?
Wow, it's like you write it all the time. Hmmm.
No, you are the one being politically correct. I am stating historical facts that you hate. The Confederacy was formed wing the single minded goal to keep fellow human beings in chains. You hate hearing that because you don't want to believe it, but it is true. You try to deny history. By the way, the Swatiska is also part of German history, doesn't make it something that someone should want to put on their t-shirt. I didn't state you didn't have a right to be a racist jerk and not wear it.
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