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I support Officer Wilson 100% you can get your support t-shirt here https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1466343126961982&id=1464514543811507 Guess they had to take the "got your 6" off the back because some thought they were talking about the six bullets in the dead kid. Actually "got your 6" is slang for I have your back ie. look at a clock, facing 12 behind you is the six. (Watch NCIS and see how it is used in LE)
I am a 63 year old disabled cop/Vietnam Vet, and I have to be honest with you, this SOB just plain scares me to death. I have two wonderful grand sons, and I want them to experience the wonder that is our United States. Will they be able to do that after BHO has finished us off?
You know what, this is not and SHOULD NOT be a political scandal, it is just a plain scandal that a nation who so radially sends it's young off to wars thousands of miles away does not and will not care for their injuries. These are silent injuries that I used to think were just excuses till I was hit by them some 30 years after returning home from nam. We shouldn't be fighting with each other but urging our representatives to stop the insanity, and get down to reality and help our Vets. Think about this, We vet's offered up our VERY LIVES to our nation, and I for one thank God that I returned from my Year over there reasonably intact, except for a hearing loss from the gunfire, and some PTSD that hit me a few years back like a brick to the skull. There are some 58,000 young men, mostly under 21 years of age who lost so much more, who's names now stand silent on that long black wall in DC. So stop this idiocy of blame, and let's get with the program and FIX what is broken with the VA.
I am a Vietnam Vet who has suffered with PTSD for several years now after a back surgery sent my memories of Nam through my head. I applied for help with the VA - They did tests and saw me on several occasions, then determined that I needed inpatient help. The only problem, I would have to be narcotic free in order to receive that treatment. Following an accident, I went through four major back surgeries and now suffer "failed back syndrome" I have been treating this with prescription high dose narcotics for over seven years, and there was no way that I could become narcotic free in the two months they gave me to get off them. Eventually they sat me up with out patient treatment some 175 miles away, a trip I had to make once a week for over a year at my own cost since it was the va's determination that the PTSD while related to my service in RVN was caused not by the trauma suffered in Vietnam, but by my experience as a police officer for 20 years plus after returning from Nam. So instead of getting mileage for my treatment, it was all out of pocket expense while living off Social Security and Workers Comp. The treatment was first rate, and I am better now then I was, however I terminated my treatment when my psychologist retired and the new counselor proved highly inadequate.
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Is America Going to Pot?

jericsson Wrote: Jan 07, 2014 2:46 PM
In my 25+ years of law enforcement I have never had to fight a pot head to get him in the unit, but I have surely had to fight nearly 80% of the drunks. I have always maintained that they should legalize pot, tax the hell out of it. Cut property tax, and income tax, and let the good times roll.
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