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Middle Fingers at the White House

Jeremiah Smirking Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 8:23 AM
I must have missed the spot within the gospels (yes, I'm sure even mentioning the bible is, in your mind, a hate crime... like asking someone with a spending problem about their credit card bill) where you were defined as the 'knower of souls" who can read intentions of the heart. Are people evil because they have a same sex attraction? No. Are they Godless? Some, I'm sure. Deviant? Yes, homosexuality deviates from the observations of nature, sans a few examples of animals who have homosexual encounters used as "proof" that homosexuality is natural, on the assumption that "encounters" is the standard for sexual interaction, which may be how it is in the homosexual world, but not in stable, loving heterosexual "relationships".
Imagine this:

A future Republican president invites Tea Party leaders to the White House. Some of them have themselves photographed standing in front of a portrait of President Barack Obama with their middle fingers extended. They then posted these photos on Facebook with the caption "F--k Obama." (Needless to say, the F-word was spelled out.)

Some questions:

1. How much coverage do you think the national press would give to this?

2. How would Democratic -- and Republican -- leaders react?

3. How would Tea Party activists react?

The answers:

1. The mainstream media across America would widely report what had happened and repeatedly show these photos. "The...