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Candy will not be cowed by your intolerant remarks. She will mooooooooove on from them to be sure.
Bull-oney. Human SIN is fixed, in the sense the we are broken and in a "fixed" state of sin. Homosexuality is a consequence, a wound from that original sin. The wound being so deep that, like an eye wound, the person wounded can't see it while everyone around clearly does.
Good heavens, I thought the list would never end! I got bored just trying to read the damn thing.
Christian AND Catholic, huh? My good man, Catholicism is the authentic full expression of Christianity. But I know you mean well.
And you're putting on display why most of society, at least sane society, is homo-nauseous.
If by 'rationalists" you mean "dumbshits", I totally agree. You are a genius.
Perverted? That's a loaded word. Homosexuality perverts the purpose of the sexual design, which is intended for intercourse towards the reproduction of the species. Narcissistic? By design human psychology is drawn to the other, of which homosexuality is drawn to the same. Pigs? You've been listening to too many Islamists. Destroy the family? Not possible, but activists would like to dismiss the family. Ruin the country? No, just bring the country into the ruin that is their life. Molest children? See priest scandal in the Catholic church. Agents of Satan? No, sorry. Just very broken people, suffering from something akin to an eye ailment, unable to see in themselves what everyone else sees in them.
I must have missed the spot within the gospels (yes, I'm sure even mentioning the bible is, in your mind, a hate crime... like asking someone with a spending problem about their credit card bill) where you were defined as the 'knower of souls" who can read intentions of the heart. Are people evil because they have a same sex attraction? No. Are they Godless? Some, I'm sure. Deviant? Yes, homosexuality deviates from the observations of nature, sans a few examples of animals who have homosexual encounters used as "proof" that homosexuality is natural, on the assumption that "encounters" is the standard for sexual interaction, which may be how it is in the homosexual world, but not in stable, loving heterosexual "relationships".
I agree about the pusillanimous nature of the entrenched Republicans. Grassley seems like a good guy, but methinks constitutionalist citizens want "leaders" in Congress, not "politicians", which is what we've got. It's this kind of fecklessness that leads, in the end, to mobs with pitchforks, tar and feathers... three industries which may be profitable in the near future. In every other sector of society, NORMAL people look forward to reaching retirement age, and retiring. We're stuck with the likes of these old goats (Pelosi, Rangel, McCain, Grassley, et al) who so crave the sychophancy of their lickspittle hangers-on, that they refuse to go out to pasture and let someone else have a chance to screw things up.
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Post-Zionism is So 1990s

Jeremiah Smirking Wrote: Apr 28, 2012 8:09 AM
RyanM, nothing but a Fool... so help him, God!
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