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Food Stamp Fraud and Twinkies

Jenny_Lee Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 1:14 PM
Food stamp fraud is much higher than the numbers the authorities manage to find. When I go to certain grocery stores there are people walking around willing to sell you their food stamps. They offer to buy you say $100 in groceries if you give them $50 in cash when they are done. If you call the police, they are usually gone by the time the cops arrive, or they deny it and there is no proof. Others manipulate their salaries and weekly hours in order to make sure they get the most they can possibly get for free. The honest group that needs help suffer the most and so do the tax payers.

The federal food stamp program—now called SNAP—is attracting a lot of media coverage. One reason for this is that the program’s costs have exploded—spending more than quadrupled during the Bush-Obama years to $82 billion in 2013 (see here and here p. 16). The Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations all took steps to loosen the purse strings on food stamp eligibility, and those changes have led to the ballooning costs of recent years during the stagnant economy.

Aside from the rising costs, two other...