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Why I Oppose Barack Obama

Jennifer313 Wrote: Oct 18, 2014 12:32 PM
Don't forget golf. He cares about golf too.
But they'll still vote for Hilary in 2016.
Yours is the same attitude that ignored the Jews being put into ovens and gas chambers in Nazi Germany. Some things are human problems, that all humans should care about.
Like the Palestinians still wouldn't blow up Sweden in a heartbeat. Morons.
An entire generation of 20-somethings will be wiped out if AIDS ever mutates to have a 24 to 72 hour course, or Ebola becomes an STD.
"Critics from the left say that it is hypocritical for members of Congress to demand that the Mexican judiciary system be circumvented to expedite Tahmooressi’s release." Hahahahahahahahahaha. "Mexico's judiciary system." Good one.
Well now this is a problem. Elijah Cummings says she should leave, so now I want her to stay...
Politicians should have to participate in one major debate, or be disqualified from running.
There have always been unvirtuous people. But never before in history has being unvirtuous been celebrated and encouraged.
I saw this stuff about OTC birth control last week. I still haven't gotten an answer about why this is a decision politicians get to make. Shouldn't doctors decide what drugs are safe to become OTC? (Not being sarcastic, asking this seriously)
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