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Criminals. Every single person in this government.
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Why the Amnesty Lobby is Freaking Out

Jennifer313 Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 11:58 AM
I don't know why they're freaking out. All the Republican turn coats want to give them amnesty.
Let's track pot smokers with bracelets.
The GOP's official response should be "yeah, well you're a poopy head." Because #newtone
You are absolutely correct. Boxing secular liberals into a corner on human rights is effective. Hopefully it plants the seed that can grow and change their hearts.
I'm tempted with my sinful heart to say that Peter Singer's life and withered, corrupt soul have no value and perhaps he should be eliminated. It's poetic justice and there is some perverse emotional satisfaction in saying so. But instead I must pray for forgiveness for my terrible thoughts and pray for Peter Singer to open his heart to the Truth before it's too late for him.
Um, pretty sure there is mention of God in the founding documents. Specifically "the Creator" in the Declaration of Independence. But the founders talked about God a lot. Even Jefferson. Even if they were all Deists (they weren't but let's say they were), they believed in what we now call intelligent design.
Marijuana users are starting to become like the gay lobby. If you disagree with them you're a hateful, freedom hating heretic. Just read any comment from a user who wants to legalize it. You can sense the same level of zealotry as you see in the comments from gay marriage fanatics. You can't have a legitimate disagreement with a gay person on marriage--you're just a homophobe!!! You can't have a legitimate disagreement with a marijuana user on legalizing it--you're just a freedom hater!!!!
Russia is doing this partly because they are facing a demographic collapse. Their birthrate is barely at replacement levels and falling. There are a lot of young men without meaningful work, there are more older people that will need to be taken care of and the people are spiritually dead. Until they reach the point of collapse that will make them incapable of waging war, they will wage it and wage it hard. (Read What To Expect When No One is Expecting by Jonathan Last--it explains Russia, China and the Middle East's behavior)
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5 Ways Liberals Try To Control You

Jennifer313 Wrote: Mar 04, 2014 11:23 AM
The only two choices liberals want you to make on your own are when to murder your baby and how many drugs to put into your body. (Recreational drugs for the purpose of getting high, not life saving drugs that aren't FDA approved, those you can't take even if you're dying because the FDA has to protect you from possibly...dying)
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