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Ted Cruz 2016?

Jennifer313 Wrote: 4 hours ago (4:05 PM)
I love Ted Cruz. But i have concerns. For one, he pisses people off. He is not as gentle and soft spoken as Reagan. Reagan was just so darn likable. Cruz is a brilliant debater and I'm psyched to see him in debates but I worry about him coming off too harsh. And you can criticize that criticism, but the reality is that "how he comes off" will matter to people like my idiot LIV cousin who voted twice for Obama. Secondly, he's never governed, at least he's never been a state governor. Granted, I'm sure he would still do light years better than Obama, because he's smarter and more willing to learn, but still. It is a legitimate concern.
So which constitutional right was violated? The right to murder babies or the right to murder your baby in a dirty clinic?
Every time someone I know talks about this and says restricting "birth control," I stop them in their tracks and say nope. Not birth control, *abortifacients." They are twisting the debate to make people who don't pay attention think this is about something that it isn't. Every time I turn someone to the fact that this is about abortion drugs, *not* birth control, I've cornered them and won the debate. Do not let liberals control the language and the narrative. Keep them on topic.
Exactly. If they didn't know they weren't supposed to rape they wouldn't hide it. They would openly rape in the streets. Whenever someone is hiding what they're doing they know it's wrong.
Oh Doctor Roy, just as enjoyable of a troll on here as on Ransom's threads. LOL
Not a cynical generation, but a generation that actually hates their own country. Why fight for an evil nation? God help us when WWIII starts.
So what? What does this mean exactly? What is the point of it being illegal if he can't be prosecuted or go to jail? It seems our "laws" are kind of pointless when it comes to controlling the behavior of the branches of our government.
"The atheists apparently went undercover to photograph coaches engaged in what they considered to be unseemly and unconstitutional behavior with the teenage football players." Yet if they'd caught the coaches having sex with the players, these same folks would likely defend them.
Yeah...tell that to all the Border Patrol agents and innocent Americans who live on the border being murdered by the cartels. Don't see how legalizing marijuana turns murderers into law abiding business folks. Have never understood that argument from the libertarians. You are aware of the horrendous violence in Amsterdam? Oh no, because that doesn't get reported because it doesn't fit the drugs are safe narrative.
Are you trying to say that the failure of the IUD justifies murdering an innocent child? I really hope that's not what you're saying.
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