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That surrogate is a hero. Those "parents" are heartless and will have to face the evil of their choice not only before God, but before the little girl who will likely long to know her brother. This is the culture of death. Life has no value.
"Hamas intentionally and deliberately operates in civilians populations, including in schools and mosques, in order to get innocent Palestinians killed so they can use dead bodies as propaganda against Israel." And yet Israel still kills so few that the Hamas scum use pictures of dead Israelis in their propaganda.
Why not just make domestic abuse illegal? Wouldn't that be a better way to deal with this problem...?
It doesn't matter. In about fifteen years the same liberals who were screaming to make cigarettes illegal and legalize marijuana will turn on it as well. Especially when Phillip Morris and Marlboro get in on marijuana. #slowclap
There is a third factor as well that is not addressed: raising the minimum wage would also work if raising the wages didn't result in a proportional cost of living increase that wipes out any increase in wages. Which is does. If stores have more overhead (wages are part of overhead), then they have to increase the prices of their goods in order to continue to make ends meet, let alone make any kind of profit.
What about unwanted adults? Should they be killed? Or at least be allowed to commit suicide? This culture of death leads to those kind of questions being sled legitimately, instead of hyperbolically.
"Socialist literature sold at the annual NOW conference declares the family system as the origin of female oppression and lays out half a dozen fundamental "errors" of the family." Um, it would seem Feminists big problem is with nature. Doesn't that make Feminism anti-science?
It is somewhat physically demanding, you have to have very high endurance, and it is certainly more physically demanding than baseball. I mean, when you see a fat dude standing in the outfield, scratching hit nuts and watching butterflies, your status as "athlete" becomes questionable. That being said, my biggest problem with soccer is that they act like p*ssies. The way they fake fall down like they've been shot and cry like disgusting wretches is so unmanly and pathetic.
I'm not sure if this is satire or not. That aside, we all know full well that if Ann Coulter were the exact same person but espoused progressivism, the libs would love every single thing they hate about her.
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