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Jon Stewart: Shouldn't The Guy Who Smeared The Tea Party Be Fired? Or Something?

Jenni2 Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 1:35 PM
This is what we deal with Jon. Constantly. I think you've become increasingly aware of the bias, i.e. slander, rampant in the media against Conservatives, during the course of your tenure on the Daily Show. I also think you learned that the Tea Party wasn't being represented fairly when your own big demonstration with Colbert was similarly criticized. So thank you for your defense of a movement that you don't necessarily agree with wholly but, at a minimum, acknowledge that it is not oriented to violence and racism. Truly, thank you Jon.

Jon Stewart is standing up for the Tea Party by asking: what do you have to do at ABC to get fired? Apparently, falsely accusing someone of mass murder isn't it.