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Six Reasons for Final Weekend Optimism

Jenni2 Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 10:25 PM
Yeah, Microsoft Excel and Monte Carlo Simulation Software apparently is a crystal ball to a liberal. LOL. His predictive model is based on whatever happy horseshiz he chooses to punch into it. It might have had some credibility if he'd predicted a reasonable margin, but Silver says it's going to be a massive Obama landslide that eclipses his 2008 win. Do you libtards actually believe that? We know you guys believe anything another liberal tells you, but seriously, you really think Obama voters will turn out in way higher numbers than in 2008? In addition, you think that Republicans and Independents will have a much lower turn out than in 2008? Because that's the basis of Silver's silly model, and every other poll out there.
JeffGannonANDVictorAshe Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 10:50 PM
And the SCOTUS was gonna overturn HC Reform by a 6-3 margin too, right...?


You already know all the supposed reasons conservatives should feel downtrodden heading into Tuesday: The Obama campaign's balleyhooed turnout machine, heavily Democratic state polls in places like Ohio, Nate Silver's electoral model, and the overwhelming conventional wisdom in the media all suggest the president will limp over the finish line on Tuesday and secure four more years.  I've already written about why I think the race will ultimately hinge on turnout and enthusiasm, both of which could break either way in three days.  But while liberals attempt to sow seeds of despair -- perhaps in an act of Freudian...