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Chuck Schumer: There Should Be Limits to the First Amendment

Jenni2 Wrote: Jul 18, 2012 1:19 PM
It's difficult to determine which State, California or New york, has the worst elected officials. In NY, we are held hostage by left wing moonbats in Manhattan. If fascists Bloomberg and Schumer fail to wake New Yorkers up, then there's absolutely no hope for this State. It's already unlivable.

While debating the DISCLOSE Act last night on the Senate floor, New York Senator Chuck Schumer called for restrictions on the First Amendment, citing other laws and regulations already in place in the United States that do so.

I believe there ought to be limits because the First Amendment is not absolute. No amendment is absolute. You can’t scream ‘fire’ falsely in a crowded theater. We have libel laws. We have anti-pornography laws. All of those are limits on the First Amendment. Well, what could be more important than the wellspring of our democracy? And certain limits...