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Bottom line - give her immunity and let her spill her guts.
All we need to do to settle this debate is to define when human life begins and is afforded equal protection under the law. When does it stop being abortion and start being murder? If you ask an abortionist this question, they obfuscate and mumble about 'viability' or 'dependence on others' or 'if the baby is wanted or not' - arguments that can systematically be questioned using the simple Socratic approach (e.g. "Can I legally kill a baby if it is born premature and, therefore non-viable without an incubator, totally dependent on others, and unwanted by the mother?") etc... After asking simple questions like this in an attempt to define the "murder line" the abortionists get frustrated and wind up with arguments like "abortion is when we say it is" or start ranting about "getting out of our vaginas and bedrooms", attacking you, name calling, and other blather. See, they cannot answer the fundamental question of when life starts because then their whole argument collapses. Try it sometime, it's actually kind of fun.
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15 Examples Of "Liberal Privilege"

jehosefat Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 11:44 AM
You can call people intolerant haters in an intolerant, hateful manner and never be called a hypocrite.
All those limousine liberals clambering that you need to pay more taxes are spending weeks maximizing their deductions....
Please, please, please, nominate Warren. She's so far left she makes Lenin look like John Birch.
Not surprised.. corrupt Democrats and losertarians
The sad (and scary) part is that Reid, Pelosi, and Obama can say anything they want, regardless of what they said in the past, and the liberal sheep will swarm and buy in to it.
Lerner just needs to hang on for the inevitable Obama pardon....she will take the fall and maybe even do some time, all to protect her guy. She'll do this knowing she will be off the hook in December 2016.
Abortion is Big Business. Planned Parenthood makes millions of dollars in profit from abortions. Like any business, their business model is built around revenue growth and increasing profits. Part of that strategy is, of course, marketing... in the form of positioning abortion as a "right to choose" - therefore appealing to people's emotions about supposed civil liberties. Another part of that strategy is political, meaning to lobby as much support as you can from friends in high places to help push your agenda. It's no different than any other industry. Until the profit motive is removed we will not be able to have a real discussion on the topic in this country. One suggestion: ban all private for-profit firms and outpatient clinics from being able to perform abortions. All abortions must be performed at non-profit public or charitable health organizations. Remove the profit motive. Move all decisions on abortion legality to the states and local government. Yes, it's an anti-free market proposal so Lib Trolls fire away. But we are talking about industries built around killing people. Capitalism and free market forces should not apply
On Michael Moore claiming racism and white fear is why people have guns: Yes, Michael, we are afraid. But we are arming ourselves not because of some inbred racism, but because: 1) the liberals and their misguided policies have created a generation of dependent poor who resort to gangs, drugs, and violence to stay alive, and who are glorified by Hollywood and the liberal elites. 2) you and the rest of the liberal elite keep whipping up class envy and anti-rich hatred- enticing these criminals to attack us in our homes with impunity, bolstered by a sense of entitlement created by your demonizing us every chance you get; 3) You and the socialists have taken over your party and are, slowly but surely, eroding our liberties and threatening our way of life. Yes Michael, we are afraid. Very afraid.
Meanwhile, George Soros, billionaire socialist who ruins the economies of whole countries just to make a buck, funnels millions into he DNC, OFA, Hillary, and other superPACs...
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