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All this hard drive stuff is for the low information voters. Everyone else knows the emails are archived by the server and usually kept, in accordance with the law, for years. This is just a stalling tactic to run out the clock. I say give Lerner immunity (and a security detail) and let her sing!
Interesting, but no citations. Congressman Paul rails against propaganda with what amounts to... Propaganda. Maybe he should set the example and come with sources? I'm not taking one side or the other, just sayin...
Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. -Winston Churchill
Except everyone old than 5 years old knows that emails are archived on the server, not the desk top hard drive.
Give Lerner immunity and let her sing.
No, it's more rampant than that. I visited the Shanghai area last year and saw the same thing. Lots of buildings, no people. Even he to go across shanghai from the airport to the city is Suzhou during "rush hour" at 5pm. Guess what, barely any cars on the highway. It's all a sham.
Of course they did. Everyone knows that.
BS..anyone with half a brain knows the blocked sites are configured by the IT administrator.
Give her immunity and let her sing.
I think it is demeaning to the man and to the office to imply that his only defense is his race. It's like the democrats have lowered the bar for Obama just because he is black. It's actually more racist to defend a person on the basis of race then it is to criticize someone based on performance.
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