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Give Lerner immunity and let her sing.
No, it's more rampant than that. I visited the Shanghai area last year and saw the same thing. Lots of buildings, no people. Even he to go across shanghai from the airport to the city is Suzhou during "rush hour" at 5pm. Guess what, barely any cars on the highway. It's all a sham.
Of course they did. Everyone knows that.
BS..anyone with half a brain knows the blocked sites are configured by the IT administrator.
Give her immunity and let her sing.
I think it is demeaning to the man and to the office to imply that his only defense is his race. It's like the democrats have lowered the bar for Obama just because he is black. It's actually more racist to defend a person on the basis of race then it is to criticize someone based on performance.
Bottom line - give her immunity and let her spill her guts.
All we need to do to settle this debate is to define when human life begins and is afforded equal protection under the law. When does it stop being abortion and start being murder? If you ask an abortionist this question, they obfuscate and mumble about 'viability' or 'dependence on others' or 'if the baby is wanted or not' - arguments that can systematically be questioned using the simple Socratic approach (e.g. "Can I legally kill a baby if it is born premature and, therefore non-viable without an incubator, totally dependent on others, and unwanted by the mother?") etc... After asking simple questions like this in an attempt to define the "murder line" the abortionists get frustrated and wind up with arguments like "abortion is when we say it is" or start ranting about "getting out of our vaginas and bedrooms", attacking you, name calling, and other blather. See, they cannot answer the fundamental question of when life starts because then their whole argument collapses. Try it sometime, it's actually kind of fun.
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15 Examples Of "Liberal Privilege"

jehosefat Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 11:44 AM
You can call people intolerant haters in an intolerant, hateful manner and never be called a hypocrite.
All those limousine liberals clambering that you need to pay more taxes are spending weeks maximizing their deductions....
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