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I love my wife, I do--and I love Judge Jeanine. Not in the same way. I love Judge Jeanine's fearless, uncompromising method of speaking the truth to absurd, miserable liberals. They want everyone to feel good--to live in fantasy land--to fail to face reality. Rolling Stone, and the libs that love and read it, can't live with the fact that some people are and always will be EVIL. They can't be rehabilitated. They can't be turned. They can't suddenly become responsible citizens, because they are EVIL. EVIL. Really.
to say, 'he could care less' does not mean that someone is indifferent. It means exactly the opposite. You mean, 'he couldn't care less.'
In memory of Daniel Weaver Lovell, my precious son, lived six days in July 1975 before dying of Hyaline Membrane Disease. I still miss him every day. And people want to kill their babies? Sorry. It doesn't compute. I remember a young mother standing in my dining room telling me and my wife that she'd aborted her daughter because she didn't want to be pregnant during the summer. She wept her eyes out at what she'd done to her child after it was over. And president obama refers to someone being 'punished with a baby.' No. You don't want a baby, don't get pregnant. Don't fool yourself. You'll never recover from killing him or her.
Love the lib response to this. Call anyone who doesn't agree with you names. Get sarcastic. Avoid facts. The constitution is claptrap. Ah, who can forget that fat moron M. Moore assassinating Mr. Heston in his unwatchable films? Look, libs. If you want to be taken seriously, advance arguments, points, provable theses. Don't go by what your gut tells you. Show a rational argument.
So Piers is doing so well---haw haw haw!--excuse me. I'll get it back--haw haw haw!--A journalist who showed the insight he did when he called our constitution a little book--ehyuk, hyuk!--Well everybody can have a bad career, right?
Talk about a display of utterly vulgar narcissism. I'm trying to think of one other first lady who would have done something like this.
liar. Not lair. That's where animals live. Not that I by any means disagree with you. I lived through Jimmy Carter, through Clinton, and (even worse) Lyndon Johnson. The thing that distinguished them all was their very loose adherence to the truth. People love the Bamster, though. If he blew up the White House, they'd smile and blame the Republicans.
these protesters are opposing something president O wants to do. therefore, they are all racists. you can't oppose any obamster policies w/o being racist. and if you disagree with this, you're racist. i think i've got it right.
Amen, Samplin. We homeschooled our two kids until they went to high school and my daughter homeschools her four. This stuff done in the name of cross-cultural understanding does little at best to promote it. The things required to work well with others is wisdom, which is not acquired through whining, self serving literature from minorities. Read Huckleberry Finn to your kids and talk it over. They'll gain far more than they would in "Multi-cultural literature. God bless.
Do you mean that abortion means a lot to you, so it is possible that you might possibly have less concern? Or the opposite: abortion means nothing to you. English grammar less: 'I could care less' is not the same as 'i don't care."
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