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and in the 'words' of the Miles Davis Quintet, 1957, "So What?"
but wait! isn't baracko the smartest guy in the room? any room? every room! he (says) he went to Hah-vahd, and he (says) he went to Columbia (SC? in an open convertible? that would be smart!). He knows what kind of energy we need, and how much retirement a person needs, he knows what guns make sense (shoots skeet quite often, remember? hahaha) and even how much money is 'enough' for a person to make. Most important, he knows which news shows to watch so he can keep up with what's happening with 'the little people' under his command. So if he, or axelrod, or farakahn, or jackson, or wright, or larry, or moe, or curley says he needs a pass because the government is too big or it's a black thing, or he was busy, or the the sun was in his eyes or he had a bee in his shoe - it's probably a good thing - a smart thing. If you've never seen 'Idiocracy", now is the time to get Netflix or Blockbuster.
nah...just a flaming liquor tank with a microphone...the 'mentally and emotionally unglued' are the chuckleheads who listen to and identify with him. Getting a coherent, rational thought from any of them would be as likely as getting a cat to count change from a dollar. (simile of the day - yesterday - thanks poster!)
relax....racism is waaaay overrated as a bad thing - certainly not a good thing, and definitely not exclusive to whites. The clownfish you listed are racism personified - they hate white people en masse and encourage others to do the same - what else can you call it? anglophobia?
LBJ - big league, big government, big spender - after obstructing the Republicans' Civil Rights Act in the '50s, finally signed it in 1964, embracing his brothers of color, and adding this log to the 'liberal' fire "We'll have *those Negroes* voting Democratic for the next 200 years". LBJ! Not MY favorite person, but he knew politics and human nature!
Nobody can say LBJ wasn't on the mark with that comment - ph sounds like the professional assclown mark lamont hill - lotsa rhetoric, where's the substance? All questions, no answers - brings to mind a certain 'cultural trait' where whomever talks loudest and longest 'wins'... Consider the fact - a presidential candidate promises to cut the deficit in half if elected - and the deficit is a major issue - and when elected does precisely the opposite. What does that tell you about the nature and character of that candidate?
sure! The 'fundamental transformation of America' is clicking right along, nobody is going to stop them, the oath of office was some ceremony they had to go through to sassify the little people, there is no god but Allah, we (the insiders) will be fine no matter what, we (the insiders) stole enough during the first administration to last a lifetime, the 'problem' of being president and not emperor will not last much longer...
ahhhh, the electorate....Jimmy Carter bought votes for a 'promise' of $100 'tax rebate' checks - baracko knew you could get them for promises alone, but throw in a cellphone or a few multi-billion dollar bailouts and special interest 'programs' - it's a lock! the movie "Idiocracy" comes to mind....
williams is a severely overpaid shill. The smilin' stymie and the alinsky shuffle were old before they started - "das rat, massa ayles...i's be all in fo da bros, what ebba dey sez beez fine wid me"...ka-ching....fox is a paper tiger, but it's almost all that's left of 'dissenting opinion'....GB is not a genius - if he was he'd cut the wannabe comedians from his staff - but he's making another pile of gold bars out of the real America...God Bless Michelle Malkin!
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The Blame Righty Mob Falls Silent

Jeffrey249 Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 8:01 AM
"Barack Obama is one of those people who IS often wrong but never in doubt" save the language! I doubt Dr. Sowell gaffed the usage..great post otherwise...thanks!
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