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Jeffrey174 Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 11:59 AM
folks, it's not as much in the gene pool as it is a learned behavior. Environment is what defines people. If you're reared in an environment with welfare parents who sit on their fat @sses and collect government bennies, you grow up believing that's perfectly fine. I've seen up to three generations of this passed on in families as a cop for two decades. We do need to stop these people from producing chidren because that's the problem. They pass on this entitlement attitude to the next generation.
Good Humor! I love that. As a cop for 20 years, I'll tell all of you the welfare state is alive and well and nobody is guarding the hen-house to stop the abuse. Remember, the more people the Candy Man (Obama / Dems) can get on the candy, the more secure they are in receiving your vote down the road. It's all about remaining in power and the best way to do that is to get as many Americans as possible on the system.
Seems to me Robert you made your choice to "retire early." No matter what the reason, in the end it was your choice. So why is it that every poorly made individual decision falls on the backs of people like me who are still working? I have five kids. I'm responsible for them. I'm not responsible for a grown-up who can't forsee or predict the future properly despite (I assume) having elementary mathematics skills.
"Exterminate illegal alliens"??? Wow! These globalist idiots who wish to do away with borders and soverignty have really gotten off the mango boat.
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