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Good News: Tax Dollars Used to Pay "Stimulus" Recipients to Watch Movies, Play Cards

JeffG51 Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 12:47 PM
Smaller government could be accomplished without all your histrionics and scare tactics. Agencies could be eliminated like the EPA (nothing but an obstructionist group) and Education (looking out more for teachers unions than ensuring quality education for our children). People showing up for work and doing nothing to earn it could be eliminated. And those remaining should have their wages adjusted so no federal worker earns more than their private sector counterpart. Want to get rid of fraud and abuse ... ask the people on the front lines of these agencies. They are the ones that see it occurring everyday. Get busy and get it done and stop all the lip service. Our government is bloated, inefficient.
JeffG51 Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 1:02 PM
In addition there is funding to foreign countries that do not support us but want our money. STOP IT. Programs like Planned Parenthood are funded to do illegal activities. STOP IT. Come on Americans. Don't you think it's time to place people in public office who listen to what WE THE PEOPLE are asking them to do. There are bad Republicans and Democratics. We need to find them and replace them with people willing to listen to our concerns and act on them. And we can start with the murderer in chief. This President must be held accountable for the murder of 4 American in Benghazi. He is directly responsible due to his inactions on the evening of Sept. 11 and needs to be held accountable. At the least he needs to admit publicly...

The president is asking Congress to approve another unpaid-for "stimulus" package, supposedly designed to execute all of the urgent infrastructure projects that his previous $825 billion effort somehow failed to accomplish (ba-dum-bum).  Since we're on the subject, let's check in on Stimulus 1.0, shall we?  From the Wall Street Journal:

The Obama administration's electric car efforts took another hit on Wednesday after a federal inspection found a South Korean advanced battery maker never scaled up U.S. production despite receiving $142 million in...