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Elizabeth Warren: Why Isn’t the Minimum Wage Triple What it is Today?

JeffG51 Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 1:20 PM
I have never heard such a load of c..p from anyone, let alone an Ivy League graduate. She obviously skipped her economics classes. No employer will hire an unskilled, inexperienced worker at $22/hour unless forced to do so, and then only sparingly. Allowing employers to hire at $7-8/hour opens the doors to the unskilled, inexperienced workers and allows employers to train them so they gain skills. As employees skills increase, their productivity increases and their pay increases. Starting someone at $22/hour is just another they need it so lets give it to them entitlement expansion of the Democratics. One problem, the Democratics will have to force businesses to remain open even after they go bankrupt to have jobs at $22/hour.

There is no doubt in my mind that liberal Democrats want nothing more than to see the working poor succeed and prosper. They believe in social justice, of course, and wholeheartedly agree that with a little help from government, poor people can magically escape a life of poverty and dependence. However, the policies they invariably propose almost always have the exact opposite effect they intend them to have. Enter Elizabeth Warren’s latest mind-numbing recommendation for raising the standard of living in the United States (via NRO):

In a hearing of the Senate Committee...