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Goodell Has Got to Go

JeffG51 Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 9:28 AM
I do not agree with what Ray Rice did but lets recognize what did occur. Ray Rice and his financee got into a violent argument that resulted in both parties striking out at each other. My personal philosophy is that a man should not strike a woman. Ray and Janay met with Goodell and Janay asked for leniency for Ray which Goodell took into consideration when handing down his decision. My problem now is that Ray issubjected to double jeopardy. Ray was heard, his case was decided by the courts and the NFL and punishment was handed out. IT IS OVER. Regardless of how terrible is was it is over. Ray should not be subject to second guessing. We can use what occurred to change the process but we should not re-try Ray, and Janay, for something that has been settled. In the case of professional atheletes, regardless of the presumed crime, place a player arrested on administrative leave until the legal process has concluded. By doing so the player is encourage to resolve the situation promptly rather than delaying a result so they can continue to play. Using the legal decision as the backbone for any league decision, assign any punishment based upon union agreed standards of behavior. You do a criminal act you sit. You're innocent you get reinstated and can play.
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Uprooting Obamacare with Better Ideas

JeffG51 Wrote: Mar 05, 2014 5:44 PM
What everyone must understand is that the free market can offr affordable healthcare and insurance. The cost of medical care is so high expressly because of Medicare and Medicaid that pay only a fraction of the actual cost of the care a patient receives. If we all the cost of our routine care and for those minor events that are unexpected, leaving insurance to cover only the catastropic events, cancer, heart care, organ transplants, etc., you would be amazed at how much the cost of healthcare would come down, literally overnight. The government has placed us in this mess and they intend to keep us here. The politicians, right or left, will not go down without a fight. Their pockets are too well lined by the healthcare manufacturing industries to allow it to go away easily.
SHOCKED!!! Just shocked. Who would ever believe our government would do such a things to the people. Just absolutely shocked!! (satirical, for you libs)
Everyone was warned this would be trouble. Congress had to pass it to know all that was in it. Well now we know. Is anyone surprised? Defunding this terrible legislation appears to be the only way to slow it down until a new administration can get it fixed because the current administration does not seem to be concerned. They still tout how wonderful it is, even in the face of evidence to the contrary. And there are the mindless masses who will only hear the platitudes and never read the stories of the true suffering who will follow the touters over the cliff.
He will never be impeached. He has too many layers crested between himself and the actual lawlessness that is being perpetrated. His legacy is what will be forever tarnished. He will go down as the worst President in the history of our country. And that is saying something with the likes of Jimmy Carter to be held up against.
Somewhere along the way Americans stopped caring about who governed them so long as they were able to get the freebees they wee promised. We all lost sight of who was going to have to pay for it all, it didn't matter as long as I got what I was entitled to receive. This mindset MUST be stopped. It is past time that we start to care again. We can no longer vote for the name we recognize because it is easy. We need people in government office who care. We have Congressmen I office now who were willing to sell their vote like Judas for pieces of silver in order to get the ACA passed. It is happening again with immigration. Where will it stop. I vow it will stop with me. What about you?
Since the government is supposed to be responsive to the people who elected it, I say while the Congressmen are at home for the holiday let them ask the people what the want done. Personally, talk is cheap. It seems that is all we are willing to do. It is time for action. If the only thing that will get their (the perpetrators of wrong) is to place them in prison where they belong until they are ready to talk, so be it. They know the consequences and they made a choice. They likely thought no one would have the b...s to do it. Time to set a different tone in Washington. Do your job the right way or answer the people that placed you there ... and face the consequences of your actions. It is time to remove lying to the American people from everyone's job description.
Some things are just plain wrong! Maybe her mother told her that she wishes she would have aborted her or she has thoughts that she whould have aborted her daughter. If not, why think it is okay for other women, two-thirds through their prenancy, to abort their child. Just plain wrong!
And to think that Hairy Reed wants to push this through a vote before the holiday to be sure that the Senator will not have to go home to face their constituents and hear about why this is a bad bill. Instead, they can goo home and hear why no one will be voting for them the next time around, unless of course all of the new citizens are given voting rights, which I trust will pop up shortly. Afterall, we can not have a class of citizens that does not have the right to vote, it is unconstitutional!
Is what Sanford it wrong. ABSOLUTELY! But it is time for Republicans to learn that there is no perfect candidate for any office. Just good people that make mistakes. Republicans need to find the best people and support them. Stop all the sniping and back-stabbing. Democratics look for the best person that can do the job and then forget about any past. And they WIN because we look for the perfect, lilly-white candidate that cannot coherently address a high school senior class. Grow up Republicans. Forgive, forget and start winning.
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