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Just watch - even though the IG found illegal and improper conduct, not one gubbermint worker will be written up, disciplined or fired.
Not true -- Obummer will go golfing.
Reid personifies deceit.
Right - because it is impossible for lefties to be immoral or to be hypocrites. With no moral standards to get in their way, anything goes.
No; he is the most shameless, amoral, petulant liar in the world. But "best?" No way.
I'm surprised that McLame had the time to make a statement. What, with his busy on-line poker career and what not. The GOP leaders in the Senate have lost their spines and their minds.
Remember when Obummer said he was going to fundamentally transform America? He was dead serious. Change from a free market economy to a planned, socialist economy. Change from private health care to government healthcare. Change from pride in our heritage to bowing before world leaders and apologizing. Change from 4% unemployment to 8% unemployment. Change from extracting and using our natural resources to placing them under government lock and key. Change from talking to our allies to spying on them. Change from crony capitalism to crony socialism. And on and on and on.
Proposition: The more that thinking people question liberal statements, the more outlandish the claims become. Exhibit A: As new facts emerge that show the global warming cabal is all wet, NatGeo shows Lady Liberty under water.
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