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Obama’s Blue-Green Bust

Jefferson's Ghost Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 9:49 AM
A hallmark of liberal progressives is that they are convinced they know more than we do. After all they went to any Ivy school and all of their liberal profs kept telling them how wonderful they were. Not a single one of them, however, took a class in basic economics, which explains why all libs since FDR keep making a mess of the US economy.
Put the one trick pony back in the barn - across the pond.
Just watch - even though the IG found illegal and improper conduct, not one gubbermint worker will be written up, disciplined or fired.
Not true -- Obummer will go golfing.
Reid personifies deceit.
Right - because it is impossible for lefties to be immoral or to be hypocrites. With no moral standards to get in their way, anything goes.
No; he is the most shameless, amoral, petulant liar in the world. But "best?" No way.
I'm surprised that McLame had the time to make a statement. What, with his busy on-line poker career and what not. The GOP leaders in the Senate have lost their spines and their minds.
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