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Dear Brian: I know you lie, cause your lips are movin'. Sincerely, Meghan Trainor
Here is why Fake-it Williams will get a pass. To the left, there is no clear cut standard of right and wrong anymore. The 10 Commandments are so passe; moral relativism now rules the day. And so, relatively speaking to left-wing limp rags, Williams was not lying, he was merely mis-remembering.
So all of the true stories of people losing coverage, or getting 100% premium increases (like me) are false? Get a life ...
Keep 'me coming Boehner. Force Obummer to veto 2 or 3 laws per week, so that we can all see his true pink colors.
Is it 2016 yet? It is past time to take out the WH trash.
That could happen only if we could talk about Christianity in public spaces, which the courts keep ruling is somehow a bad thing.
I can hear the howls of protest from the libs in la la land. Sometimes, I think that the liberal agenda is to remove any accountability for anything. Are you a federal employee who is caught watching porn all day at work? No worries, you can keep your job. Are you a IRS worker who abused your power and either slow-walked or deep-sized applications from conservative groups? No worries, you get to keep your job. Are you the head of HHS who presided over the budget busting and terrible implementation of the ACA? No worries, you can retire and get your full benefits package. Are you a welfare recipient who is hooked on drugs and can't work due to your addictions? No worries, you can keep on using and keep on cashing those checks. Because anything else would be "immoral" - at least if you are a follower of moral relativism.
@Neil - spoken like a true liberal elite: "Modern medicine is too complicated for common people to figure out. So the government will figure it out for you and tell you what level of health care you can get, and which doctors you can see, and when."
Facts are so inconvenient to their agenda. Just ask the Gore.
Ferguson Mob: "We are mad at white people, so we're going to pillage and burn down black owned businesses. Hey, don't blame us, we learned our logic and reasoning skills from liberal teachers in the the public skool system."
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