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Newsweek: "Hit the Road, Barack"

jeffersonpayne Wrote: Aug 19, 2012 10:06 PM
So, then the only way for the schools to be free of "indoctrination" is for them to not be controlled by people with any one viewpoint. In America today, the vast majority of students are in schools controlled by politicians. It is THEIR views with which most all children are being indoctrinated. No wonder so many believe that being dependent on politicians is a good thing, a veritable right. The only solution to this problem is: freedom of education -- schools run by a diversity of people & interests. Just like freedom of the press & religion, we can't have politicians dominating the schools.

Newsweek has been known for its absurd cover stories of late: from using the only unflattering photo of Michele Bachmann available, to calling Obama the "first gay president," the bias has unmistakeably trended leftward. But this week's edition features a head story of a very different breed: Niall Ferguson, former advisor to John McCain during his run for the White House, writes that Obama's policies have failed, and it's time to replace him.

The Daily Beast has the article live now, including this particularly damning passage:

In his fiscal year 2010 budget—the first he presented—the president envisaged...