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Into Exile

jeffersonpayne Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 8:34 PM
We? What "we" would that be? Far left, secularist authoritarian power-addicts? Who have commandeered the political system to take over the schools to "pollute the minds of the chirrun" with their own propaganda ...
Fellow promotion committee members: Let's go through the checklist on Assistant Professor of Sociology Bob Woodberry's request to receive tenure at the University of Texas at Austin.

Educational background: Check. Ph.D. from the highly regarded University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Caution: Undergraduate degree from evangelical Wheaton College, but he's probably outgrown that.

Publications: Check. Numerous articles in refereed journals such as the American Sociological Review. Chapters in books published by the Oxford University Press and other prestige outlets. Caution: Some odd publishing choices — why would anyone write for the Encyclopedia of Missions and Missionaries?—but...