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Don't count on the Supreme Court. After all, John Robers may very well find that EPA is operating within the government's taxing authority and all is well as long as the court does not have to make any controversial anti socialist decisions.
Towery is very much establishment Republican. Nice argument, what you did for us 30 years ago warrants a pass on what you have done for the last 20 years. Earmarks are, at best, a response to excessive latitude (and excessive cash) given to the executive by the Congress that wishes to use earmarks to solve the problem they have created.
Big business looking for cheap labor based on their having "bought" establishment Republicans with campaign cash. C of C is disgusting.
One of his options he should consider is resignation
Boehner is the problem and Republicans need to fix it and soon.
Ryan is another con artist like his leader, Obama.
Can we deport Boehner and his gang of idiots?
The survival of the country could depend on a primary challenge to Boehner. The head of the snake must go.
Maybe this will lead to getting a true conservative leadership team in the House.
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More Trouble Than He Knows

Jefferson John Wrote: Nov 10, 2013 9:59 AM
He doesn't need to do any of the things suggested because he clearly does not care! His socialist objective has nothing to do with protecting or preserving the interests of the public - they are simply pawns in his game.
I suggest he publish it in Spanish and sell it in Mexico - that's where the only interest will be.
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