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No need for a Republican party if this is what it is. It looks like they are upset that the Democrats have already staked out the positions the RINOs would prefer to take and they don't know how to oppose the Democrats while still working to achieve the same goals.
Just what we need, an Obamacare replacement prepared by a RINO in chief.
McCaul is a flunky for Obama on the border, so why would he not fall for the AUMF stuff? Maybe Obama hasn't told McCaul, Boehner and their fellow travelers to get on board.
I think by now everyone realizes that Obama is incapable of telling the truth, especially if it runs counter to his current objective. So, why the surprise over his lie about illegals getting tax credits?
Between a candidate like another Bush and the post-election betrayal of republican voters, 2016 is likely to see conservative voters sitting out the election more than they did with McCain and Romney running as democrat lite candidates.
Scalise is not the problem. The complete betrayal of the conservative voters is and the party will pay a tremendous price for many years to come. Thanks John Boehner, for jumping on the Obama bandwagon!
This will make Hitlary's campaign a cake walk - I won't vote for the lesser of the evils again.
Ayotte is a moderate democrat in full sync with Juan McCain and his girlfriend from South Carolina. Who cares if she can get reelected?
Who cares what Rubio says? Who cares who Rubio supports? I do, because I now know not to trust Cassidy any more that I do Rubio.
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