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The people saying you hate babies are pro-abortion.
What do you expect? TSA agents are recruited from a dumbed down population that is indoctrinated in government schools.
In addition to # 9 from Ann Coulter: The Census Bureau finally released the real voter turnout numbers from the last election, and the Hispanic vote came in at only 8.4 percent of the electorate. As Byron York has shown, even if Mitt Romney had won 70 percent of the Hispanic vote, he still would have lost. No Republican presidential candidate in at least 50 years has won even half of the Hispanic vote. In the presidential election immediately after Reagan signed an amnesty bill in 1986, the Republican share of the Hispanic vote actually declined from 37 percent to 30 percent - and that was in a landslide election for the GOP. Combined, the two Bush presidents averaged 32.5 percent of the Hispanic vote - and they have Hispanics in their family Christmas cards. John McCain, the nation's leading amnesty proponent, won only 31 percent of the Hispanic vote, not much more than anti-amnesty Romney's 27 percent.
This is the low quality garbage our political parties support for candidacy. Is it any wonder America is in decline?
This story is 100 percent false. There is no such thing as Palestine or Palestinians.
Obama is the most anti-American White House squatter ever (Sorry but I can't associate what should be the proper term with him). Anti-American would include anti-woman.
Typical spin. Women didn't lose access to anything as a result of the SCOTUS decision. SCOTUS just stated that in one narrow circumstance the employer does not have to provide coverage for the abortion pill. The access is still there because, unlike birth control, it is over the counter. Some women will just need to pay for it themselves. Don't like it? Find a different employer.
On 4 July, 2014 over 9000 immigrants across the USA took the oath to become US citizens. This is in addition to immigrants taking the oath on 27 June, 2014. No other country in the world does this. Nobody with an IQ greater than that of a rock could possibly believe our immigration laws need a sweeping reform.
Impeachment and removal from office, not a lawsuit, is what's warranted. Of course that is not realistic with the current numbers in Congress. Too bad.
Regarding the SCOTUS decision in the Hobby Lobby case: It stands to reason if a closely held business can refuse to pay for an abortion pill citing religious belief then it can refuse to bake a cake as well.
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The Stolen Job Myth

jeffar Wrote: Jul 03, 2014 2:06 PM
This column has the wrong spin. Today's debate is not about immigration as the politicians and the media would have you believe. Most Americans are not anti-immigrant. They are anti-amnesty and pro-law enforcement. They understand that you can't refuse to enforce laws and then claim those laws don't work. Today's debate is about illegal aliens who break our laws by criminally entering our country. It is about politicians trying to grant these criminals amnesty against the will of the American people. It is about sovereignty and rule of law.
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