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My Gender Is 'Fill In The Blank'

Jeff_Georgia Wrote: Feb 28, 2015 1:18 PM
If your gender is whatever you "think" it is, then why is there any limit on any "condition" you might imagine? I think I'll be Black 18 year old today (the fact that I'm white and 58 should be no barrier I THINK I'M A BLACK 18 YEAR OLD). I'd like to get in on some of the "protected class" goodies Blacks have access to, such as preferences in college admission. While I'm at it, I THINK I got a 2400 on my SAT. Tomorrow, I think I'll be Hispanic for a while and see what benefits I can get there. The day after, I'll be a Woman for a while. All kinds of special treatment I can take advantage of. If someone beats me up, I'll be a Black Woman who thinks she is a man for the time while I'm being assaulted. That has to give me some advantage. Come on folks, join the fun. Use you imagination. The looney left has not opened the barn door, they took the door off the hinges - have some fun...
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Jon Stewart and Me

Jeff_Georgia Wrote: Feb 19, 2015 1:00 PM
"He is the principal news source for millions of young people" That is one of the saddest statements I've ever heard. I'm disappointed that the judge's friendship with Mr Stewart clouds his appraisal. Stewart is a con man. A comedian who passes himself off as an objective news source...
Another obama loon. Under what rock do they find these people?
The Dems are the party of the KKK - in addition to hating blacks, the KKK hated Catholics and Jews just a much...
Not surprising - the Party of the KKK, of course they are anti-Semitic. Duh!
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Baseball and the Spirit of Innovation

Jeff_Georgia Wrote: Feb 19, 2015 11:35 AM
I'm shocked! I actually agree with a column written by Mr Chapman. I've got to go back to bed, something must be wrong with the world. Chapman nails it and the commissioner of baseball is a goof ball; leave the game alone!
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Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

Jeff_Georgia Wrote: Feb 19, 2015 11:24 AM
"Please figure this out quickly, Mr. President. We may not have another two years." Come on Mr Reagan, you KNOW that isn't going to happen. This is just another step in his plan to take down America. The former mayor of NYC is correct, obama has NO love for this country. NONE.
Dean is just a political hack. He knows as well as anyone that intelligence and education have nothing to do with each other. Intelligence is what you are born with. No amount of education will increase your intelligence, It might increase things you know, but not your intelligence. So education is what made Bill Gates the richest man in the US? His college degrees did that? Oh, yeah, he doesn't have a college degree, Mr Dean. Stephen Hawking. Pretty smart, right? If he hadn't got a degree from Oxford/Cambridge and wherever else, he wouldn't be intelligent, right Mr Dean? Political nonsense, Mr Dean...
Who gives a rat's @ss? The dems that wouldn't show up are anti-Semites and anti-American as well. Screw 'em...
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