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"Intelligence Officials Admit It's Hard to Track Americans in Syria" Yet we are supposed to believe that the TSA, DHS, CIA, FBI, etc. can protect us from terrorists? We can all have a good, hearty laugh...
Low/no fat diets play hell on your hormones as well. If your hormones are messed up YOU are messed up.
Me too. From 1st grade to 8th grade I rode my bike home for lunch almost every day - rain or shine. In my case, it was almost a mile each way. I think we tax payers ought to set the menu for these Vermont politicians After all, we are paying their salaries. By their "logic" that should give us the right to pick their diet. After all, who doesn't want healthy politicians? :-)
Keep on truckin' sgor!
Excellent point. You try to limit those on food stamp to only healthy choices and all hell breaks loose. And you and I pay for that. We don't pay for the cake a kid brings to school. Interesting, in at least Colorado, food stamp cards can not buy alcohol, but can buy pot. Bizarro world.
Good point. I don't believe lefties claim to understand logic. If they can't feel it, it doesn't exist.
False dichotomy? Personal responsibility? Really CC, you don't really expect lois to understand, do you?
Isn't it the parent responsibility to decide what a child eats? How dare these holier-than-thou, smarter-than-thou busybodies get in other peoples business? How about I start managing how they run their families? I bet they wouldn't care for that...
I believe that he has already been held in contempt of Congress - it means nothing as it has no teeth.
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