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Nobody is THAT stupid.
Thirty years ago the NYT was regarded as the newspaper of record by the general public. The Sulzbergers have squandered all of the newspaper's emotional capital by turning reality on its ear in support of an increasingly obvious agenda. Everybody knows it but the faithful sheep who still buy what they are selling.
I'm surprised the egomaniacal President had the self control not to spit in the face of the father of the man who messed up that staged kidnapping and thereby his reelection chances.
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No, He Doesn't Really Want a Second Term

Jeff6662 Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 6:44 AM
Wow. What a stupendous misread. Of course he wants a second term. Of course he has an agenda. It's just that he can't tell anyone what his true agenda is without ending up in front of a firing squad.
Oh, sure... counter baseless opinion with facts. Where did you learn to debate - home school? ;^)
She's a lawyer. What do you expect?
OReilly is a statist fool. I quit watching him years ago.
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The Little Red Sound Bite

Jeff6662 Wrote: Aug 02, 2012 8:42 AM
Your last point is their objective. The Left, the ruling elites, and most congressional Republicans believe that the greatest problem facing us is overpopulation, and they see no way of intervening as long as the people have personal freedoms. Short of mass annihilation in a war.
O'Reilly is a self-serving, unprincipled blowhard who will do ANYTHING to get ratings, including kissing 0bama @ss in hopes that he might an interview during the election season. He's the main reason I hardly ever watch FNC anymore.
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