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The initial divorce sited her for adultery. Interesting. Do we need an Anthony Weiner in a skirt as a politician?
You are a bigot judging women on their looks rather than the content of their character.
The votes aren't there. What good did it to impeach Clinton?
What happens to the student's sef esteem when they leave school and get not get a job because they can't read or write?
46th in employment is the most telling number about California and Brown's "success".
Any bets she is a big Bill Clinton supporter? She probably thinks Filner is a nice guy too.
The Obama administration can not handle the issues of one nation. Tunisia fell off the table a long time ago and will continue to be ignored.
So will California be paid for these client lists being provided o insurance companies? With the California budget problems and debt, I am willing to bet there will be an exchange of money.
They won't pay. They will pay the tiny tax for not getting insurance and wait until they need insurance for a preexisting condition.
Freedom is coming. We will be able create, design, and explore rather than eke out a life in drudgery. That is what scares liberals the most, free thinking and creative people who will not tow the line.
Public education needs to spend more time teaching the basics and zero time with teaching about Johny's two daddies, contraception, and having more concern about self esteem. Their self esteem goes to pot, when they find out they can't get a job after high school because they can not read or write. If they can read and write then they can figure out about contraception and Johny's two dads.
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