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McCain Grills "Old Friend" Hagel On Iraq Troop Surge--Hagel Refuses To Talk

Jeff60 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 1:11 PM
John McCain is right to confront the pacifist pro-Iranian and anti-Israel Chuck Hagel who tries to hide his true identity with empty statements that has nothing to do with reality. It is not surprising that Obama loves Chuck Hagel who oppose pressuring the Iranian regime with sanctions to halt its rush to the nukes and who supports cutting US nukes and military to their lowest level in US history. It is not surprising that Obama favorite Defense Secretary will slash US military and make it use museum type ships and aircraft while making it drone style policing power with remote control that kills suspicious people from the air as replacement for US troops. The American people deserve better than inexperienced pacifist who will cause...

Friends after this? We would say in my home state of Minnesota: Not so much.