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Jeff Sessions: More Americans Are Collecting Disability Than Finding Jobs

Jeff60 Wrote: Jul 18, 2012 1:15 PM
Obama push America to become banana republic of the poor and voluntarily unemployed that live from the check of Obama and therefore vote for him for their survival. The worst economy in history under the president that seek the destruction of America from within the White House while the American do not have any clue about it. Clearly, America is controlled by fake phony fraud president who claimed in 1991 in his promotion booklet as President of the Harvard Law Review that he was born in Kenya to a minister in Kenyan government. Obama’s grandmother claimed in 2007 that he was born in Kenya and that she witnessed the birth in Mombasa. Even Michele Obama claimed in 2008nthat Kenya is Obama’s homeland. Obama went in 2008 to Kenya to...

Take a look at these two charts, courtesy of the Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper:



This is an alarming trend. The United States, increasingly, is becoming a nation where more and more Americans are collecting government checks than finding jobs. And, considering only...