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GOP To Raise the Debt Ceiling Wednesday

Jeff60 Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 1:02 PM
Evidently, Obama seeks to eliminate the GOP and run America with one liberal socialistic party on the ruins of the GOP. Nevertheless, if the GOP led Congress will fail to stand up to the running wild and out of control dictator Obama, the GOP will disappear in the coming elections. Undoubtedly, most Americans who work hard for their living and do not get 'Obama free check', Obama's free phone, Obama's free food stamps, Obama' free healthcare or Obama's free student loan, Obama's free mortgage or Obama's free taxes demanding a budget rather that giving their money to the socialistic dictator Obama who cannot care less about America's crushing over the cliff. Americans waited for the GOP Congress to stop the Obama reckless train to Hell...
Tea Party in Wisconsin formerlyTea Party Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 4:32 PM
That's why we hired them and naively believed the GOP would, didn't figure on a gang of Establishment RINO's caving on us, and exhibiting the contempt they have and as Squishy Mischie
oned told Laura Ingrahams audience. And given the Speechless ones attitude towards the conservatives like Huelskamp etc and Michelle Bachmann and the four Congressmen who supported her request for an investigation into the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood nest of spies into all our government agencies. So for one no longer cares what happens to the RNC, I remain a constitutional Conservative Independent and it seems that Rand Paul is one of the FEW we can trust in Congress..we can't even trust a lot of the Tea Party candidates we hired as a fire...

Despite talking for months about using the debt ceiling as leverage to get Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to pass a budget, spending cuts and entitlement reform, House Republicans are expected to vote on a temporary debt ceiling increase tomorrow.

House leaders on Monday unveiled legislation to permit the government to continue borrowing money through May 18 in order to stave off a first-ever default on U.S. obligations. It is slated for a vote on Wednesday.  

Although President Obama is getting a temporary break from the debt ceiling fight as a result of this...