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Fiscal Cliff Talks Still at a Stand Still

Jeff60 Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 10:58 AM
Tax cheat Geithner is behind the ‘Obama express train to hell’ for American people thanks to his out of control spending and printing and spending the hard earned money of the conservative in the freebees entitlement to buy the liberal base of parasites. With the deficit growing at escalated rate to 20 trillion dollars that America will never be able to pay the cliff is a sure thing regardless of what Obama and his crooks tells American people. The deficit of 20 trillions resulted from than 24 million new Americans getting freebees from Obama including food stamps, disability checks, unemployment checks, Amnesty checks, free phones, free education loans, free mortgages for the Black, Hispanic and Asian minorities and their student and...
Jerry555 Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 11:07 AM
Turbo Timmy,

His Dad worked with Obama's Mother, Anne Dunham, in India? Doing something, Financial...?

But Coincidence?

I doubt it.

This guy can't even do his own taxes, with Turbo Tax.

As Speaker John Boehner said last week, this is a stalemate. Both Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Speaker John Boehner made appearances on Fox News Sunday yesterday with two very different views on how to prevent going over the fiscal cliff on January 1. Geithner said the White House has offered a very detailed plan (even though it has zero spending cuts), while Boehner said fiscal cliff talks are going nowhere, that President Obama wants to "ramrod a deal through," and that Obama has offered a "non-serious proposal."