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Border Patrol Now Experiencing an Ammunition Shortage

Jeff60 Wrote: Apr 05, 2013 8:55 AM
Undoubtedly, the borders are not closed whatsoever and the claim of the 8 Senate Gangsters that the borders are not easy to cross by million illegal invaders including more than 10-20% criminals, Mozlem brother terrorists, drug dealers , gangsters, rapists and murderers is big lie to the American people. The effort of the GOP sold-out RINO to appease the illegal invaders by giving them free food stamps, Obama phones and free healthcare is used by Obama and the liberal Democrats to buy the votes of the illegal invaders through Amnesty while promising them that they will not have to pay taxes during the past years and in the future. The effort of John McCain and Lindsey Graham to appease the illegal invaders that their flow into America...

Despite the Department of Homeland Security recently putting in orders to purchase billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition for a purpose of what officials say is target practice, training and quarterly qualifications, Border Patrol agents were told yesterday afternoon that they will not be issued any new proficiency ammunition for next quarter.

Townhall has obtained an email that was sent to Border Patrol agents stationed in the El Centro border sector by a supervisor.

Enforcement Personnel,

Due to budget concerns and ammunition availability, we will not be getting issued any proficiency ammunition for next...