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Mr. Carroll, I've read the 3rd paragraph of your article several times now and I still can't make sense of it. The democrats voted to raise the debt limit so our President can continue to implement the laws anyway he sees fit, breaking the law as needed. Some of the democrats ran as republicans, call themselves republicans, and have a R after their name but since they vote like democrats and do nothing to oppose the democrats I think we can consider them democrats. Let's call them Republicans In Name Only or RINO for short. Later today I'll read another post about the tea party and their ideological purity tests. Please explain how the tea party republicans and other republicans voting against raising the debt limit empowers Obama. Raising the debt limit is bad for the country but it does please democrats. Every RINO that voted to raise the debt limit should be voted out during the primary so they can be democrats honestly.
The singers are also known as the main stream media. We have to adapt are tactic to get around that roar.
Liberalism supports civil liberties, democratic reforms, and the use of governmental power to promote social progress. Listen to President Johnson's Great Society speech from 50 years ago. Very high minded theories that don't work. If you look at the leaders of democrat party today they argue civil liberties, democratic reforms, and the use of government power to promote social progress until it imposes on their own power or privileges. Look at the opposition shown when congress was asked to remove their (congress and their staff) exemption to the Affordable Care Act.
It's an AP story.
He should feel free to change parties if his party no longer shares his values.
Ignore that straw man. The narrative is NOT that the RNC is solely responsible for Mr. Cuccinelli's loss, the narrative is that senior republicans are anti tea party and didn't give Cuccinelli their full support. Making incumbent republicans defend themselves in primaries does not equal being anti-republican. Ideological purity is not the same as opposing a republican who breaks campaign promises and supports democrat positions.
Mitt has been pushed up over everyone else during the nomination. I just hope it wasn't into an ivory tower. My problem with Mitt hasn't been that he isn't conservative or that he is establishment. My problem with Mitt is that he seems to be at odds with the Tea Party. When he forms a strong alliance with the Tea Party he will be unstoppable. Optionally he can give Karl Rove a big raspberry but that will be twisted in the press.
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