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Another explanation is that conservatives fed up with partisan polls don't respond.
We can only hope this is the first leaf of autumn.
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Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t Care?

Jeff4368 Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 6:50 AM
You are not alone, but I do care. My time is too important to listen to the MSM screw up another story while letting news go unreported. Liberal democrats are like would be chefs in charge of a kitchen but too stubborn to learn from anyone else. They are at the stage where one grease fire after another occurs and will soon be looking at a smoldering ruin while they lament how unfair the world is for not giving them a chance.
A man who doesn't bother to learn the difference between immigrant and alien can't be expected to use advanced critical thinking required to understand CBO numbers. He is screwing up the basics, of course he will screw up the advanced stuff.
The title of this article should be "Misrepresenting the Tea Party Position on Immigration Reform". The irony is that "Immigration Reform" has nothing to do with immigration; it is about law breaking aliens.
I did a quick look through the comments without success. Does anyone defend the vapid arguments in this column? Does Michael Tanner work at the Cato Institute as a janitor? He sure isn't displaying any thinking. The only up side is the insight it gives you into the quasi-thinking of the republican establishment. I read it the first time this morning and I'm still angry.
Mr. Tanner's many logical errors make him sound like an ignorant hack.
This article is very poorly thought out. I am trying real hard not to use the cussing it deserves. There is nothing here about control of the border which is the top tea party concern with this issue so we have an epic fail there. The confusion by the author between the two legal terms 'immigrant' and 'alien' also ruins any logic in his argument. So Mr. Tanner should remove himself from his ivory tower, pull his head out from that which is blinding him, and become willing to talk to a group of tea party people who wish to apply conservative principles to the many problems of our country. At the very least he needs to observe what is happening at the border now and the results in the past of similar policies he advocates. At the very least he should get up out of his chair.
I'm going to waste a few minutes of my time answering your fact-free post to point out a few things. Who is this 'Radical Right' you're talking about? There hasn't been a rejection of Climate Science so much as a rejection of religious leaders of world doom who claim everyone will die if we don't provide them with money. And pointing out that your math, predictions, and conclusions are wrong is not a rejection of science or arithmetic. It is a rejection of a group of people proven to lie to support their hysteria. Please return when you don't sound hysterical and you stop attacking strawmen.
What your describing is a bunch of democrat-lite liberal republicans twisting themselves to avoid being labeled conservative arguing to become just conservative enough to be reelected to take charge of the wheels of power. Here is the conservative core they are trying to avoid: Freedom Faith Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life American Exceptionalism The Founders' Wisdom and Vision Lower Taxes Limited Government Peace Through Strength Anti-Communism Belief in the Individual
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