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Trouble in threes: Scandals hamper Obama's message

Jeff39 Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 2:10 AM
What happened to the outrage from the liberal anti-war crowd? It's funny they shut up the day obama was elected. If a republican was in office this latest scandal about the military would be headline news but all I hear is crickets. Hypocrisy?

It isn't Mitt Romney who's giving Barack Obama fits as the president moves into re-election mode. It's those federal bureaucrats carousing in Las Vegas, the Secret Service consorting with Colombian prostitutes and U.S. soldiers posing with bloody enemy corpses.

The scandals are taking a toll. They are distracting embarrassments that are dominating public attention while Obama seeks to focus on difficulties abroad and jobs at home. And they are giving Republicans an opportunity to question his competence and leadership, an opening for Romney in a race so close that any advantage might make a difference.

Even if the Democratic president escapes being defined...

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