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Shut up Nancy! If this law was a good law you'd still be calling it obamacare. Hypocrite!
This is what "fundamental transformation" looks like folks. You cops out there that voted for him should have done a little investigating before voting for him. He doesn't care what any of us think and is doing whatever he wants to do to take this country down. WAKE UP!!
Typical liberal response to scream racism. You libs need a different line. This ones getting wore out.
Great words from the Narcissist in Charge.
We all know the only reason she is "apologizing" is to save her job. All the libtards will think she's so nice for doing this and swoon all over her but we know the truth.
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Magpul Leaving Colorado

Jeff39 Wrote: Jan 03, 2014 3:05 AM
Way to stand your ground Magpul! I wish other companies would have the same conviction you have. This is a great example of standing up for your principles. I will continue to be a loyal customer and will do everything to encourage others to buy your products.
Once again the few loud mouthed liberal extremists are getting their way. Why don't the people stand up against them? This insanity has to stop!!
It's too bad McCarthy didn't root out all the commies and get rid of them. The US would be a much happier place.
Seems she only cared about the wars when a republican was in office. Hypocrite!
obama is sitting in Hawaii laughing at these ignorant people knowing that this will accelerate our economy going down the drain which is all part of his plan to destroy our economy. It's too bad that these ignorant uneducated people are going to drag the rest of us down with them.
It proves that when it comes to money the liberal idiots will give up on principle every time!
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