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Is this really the best you can do San Francisco? Does this stupidity represent you accurately?
Doing Satan's work is very lucrative.
Cecile, your father Satan must be so proud of you.
"They are trying to turn him into a toxic figure, whose name is synonymous with the ugliest elements of politics: partisan bullying and backslapping cronyism." Are you kidding me?? This sounds like the Democratic Party not Christie.
This is a giant ponzie scheme and will eventually fall with the rest of the house of cards. Keep giving away that borrowed money!
These liberal/socialist scum will stop at nothing to win and take over this country! Wake up!!
This socialist cow is so bold now because she knows the media won't hold her accountable. She is free to flat out say her true feelings and be her real self now. Freakin' Commie!
Benghazi is already old news thanks to the MSM and the typical low information voter doesn't care about it any way. Give it another year and it will be forgotten. She should have been fired for this but in typical liberal fashion she is made of Teflon.
I wish it would but doubt the media will give it any play so the sheeple won't even know about it. I also believe Hillary the Commie will get elected and serve two terms and we will no longer be a constitutional republic. I hope I'm wrong but after watching what has happened the last two elections I doubt we can turn it around.
What is in the DNA of liberal/socialists that makes them want to kill unborn babies? That is just not right or sane!
Another sad day for our once great country.
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