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Roberts, Blankenhorn, and the Power of Liberal Intimidation

Jeff3870 Wrote: Jul 03, 2012 9:14 PM
The appropriate response to insults from Progressives is the same the Israeli UN Ambassador gave when criticized by the representative from the USSR: "An insult from the Soviet Union is a compliment to Israel!"
Given how many more Americans define themselves as conservative rather than as liberal, let alone than as left, how does one explain the success of left-wing policies?

One answer is the appeal of entitlements and a desire to be taken care of. It takes a strong-willed citizen to vote against receiving free benefits. But an even greater explanation is the saturation of Western society by left-wing hate directed at the right. The left's demonization, personal vilification, and mockery of its opponents have been the most powerful tools in the left-wing arsenal for a century.

Since Stalin labeled Leon Trotsky -- the man...