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"It may also be true that Barack Obama has more fundamentally altered the fabric of America than anybody cares to admit." Reasonable points throughout, well supported. But this last gives him too much credit. It isn't Obama who has done this but decades of efforts by Progressive advocates, especially through indoctrination in the public schools. Obama is simply cashing in on a movement that has been very active and, unfortunately, very successful for three generations.
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Jeff3870 Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 1:51 PM
"He is a progressive ideologue and a passionate believer in "social justice," and that's a large reason why his fans love him so. But if you ever say that he is what he is -- if you take his words seriously -- they ridicule you for believing he's anything other than a pragmatist and moderate." But being a "pragmatist and moderate" IS the same thing as "a progressive idealogue." See just about any work by Dewey for confirmation.
The appropriate response to insults from Progressives is the same the Israeli UN Ambassador gave when criticized by the representative from the USSR: "An insult from the Soviet Union is a compliment to Israel!"
I'm a little mystified by your latest article. Mr. Saverin owes exactly zero loyalty to the United States, as do none of us today since it ceased to be a free country years ago. He's perfectly within his moral rights to do anything peaceful to renounce his citizenship for whatever motive may be driving him. I do believe the U.S. is still worth defending, because of its glorious past and potential future Renaissance. That, and until there appears some better place, it's our best hope for leading any sort of decent life of semi-freedom. Even so, that's a prudential calculation, not one based on any loyalty this country's citizens have coming - and certainly not its Federal government, which is about a generation away from undiluted fascism.
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