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No one should be forced to make a cake for anyone, regardless of their views. It's a violation of Jefferson's principle of association and is the right on which so many other rights are based.
I'll be looking for Joe to be mowing lawns in 2016. I'd want someone better to mow mine, but he might get by.
Yeah,we have to blame you because your boss never takes responsibility for anything
Ditto for the shots "fired outside Biden's home".
Nothing that happened in Ferguson -- from the shooting of the criminal Mike Brown to the burning of stores in his honor -- would have been supported by Dr King. His message has been twisted by miscreants like Al and Jesse to one of shake downs, violence and hate.
Proof of that hate-filled comment? I'm a Christian and don't know a single one who would do such a thing.
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Is America in a Religious War?

Jeff3256 Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 8:15 AM
I am reminded of the Trotsky quote: "You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you!" Denying that Islamists are waging war against us (and all of Western civilization) doesn't make us safer. Neither do unilateral declarations (a la Barack) that the war on terror is over. The enemy has decided it is NOT over, therefore it isn't. This is not an academic exercise. These men mean to kill us and will not be turned away-- they must be killed.
I agree, but it's hard when the democrats fund a libertarian and split the conservative vote. They've done it several times now.
Or a rational one.
My thought as well.
By and large, I like this list. I'm not as fixated, if that's the right word, on the Flat Tax*. Please get this to Congress -- we need a second contract with America and this is a good start. *Yes, I've studied it. I've been to the website and even read a book on it. I just think it cures the symptoms without curing the patient.
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