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Federal Persecutors

Jeff3256 Wrote: 6 hours ago (11:17 AM)
Integrity in government is a thing of the past.
Well, she married *him*, right?
This may be part of the season she didn't show up for the debate last night.
Appalling, even for democrats.
OK, we found one of the 7%ers.
Only 7% -- I'm surprised. I guess they all come to conservative sites to troll us, since there are hundreds of them there.
The problem with liberals is that its not enough to let them think the way they do -- everyone else has to think and act the same way or we're evil. I'd rather have some liberal think I'm evil when I'm not than be their slave.
Good point. I think it's more bragging rights than anything else.
No problem, she'll just move to her house in her district. Oh, she doesn't have one.
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