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Of course he analyzes it. That's why he found what he did last night unconstitutional 22 times (that were recorded), but suddenly after the biggest loss for his party in 80 years, it was constitutional.
He's a fascist. Is that a badge of honor, too?
"this is because of the Republicans", huh? I'm an independent and I support it because it maintains integrity in the system. It seems to me his point is the democrats are against voter ID and thus against integrity in the system -- that says more about them than about the GOP.
Useless to apply logic to this. The have also argued that folks can't get downtown to get the ID (but they can make it to the store?)
Without ID, you also can't attend the Democratic National Convention or the national NAACP meetings. How's that for racism?
10th Amendment applies for health care. If you want it, get it in your state and leave me out of it.
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Playing with Constitutional Fire

Jeff3256 Wrote: Nov 20, 2014 10:50 AM
IRS audit for Beckel this year?
More likely true.
I thought the elephant in the room was Beckel.
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