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What's wrong with the other 6 out of 10?
I don't think that bald pinhead is following the law all the time or even when he can. I think he's a political hack doing what he needs to do (in his opinion) to protect Barack.
I've read the whole email and there is nothing racist in it.
I'm sure it's only Republican gerrymandering that offends them, not Democrat gerrymandering -- or are they trying to pretend they don't do it?
I bought and read it earlier this year. Excellent book.
Reminds me of the "not black enough" line of a few years back. Pitiful.
If gun bans work so well, maybe we should ban drugs, too! Oh, wait.
In short: It's not that what he did was wrong, but that it *looked* wrong. What kind of idiot is he?
It always was porn.
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