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Time to reinstate letters of marque and reprisal then turn Prince and co loose on ISIS. Drug gangs can be next in line
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Illegal Voters May Decide Fate of Senate

Jeff3256 Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 11:39 AM
"...the Senate should not confirm any successor who opposes state efforts to improve voter integrity." Amen to that!
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Random Thoughts

Jeff3256 Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 9:22 AM
"In going through my mail, I am always amazed at how many people seem to think that a series of unsubstantiated pronouncements constitutes an argument." That's why "The Vision of the Anointed" should be required reading for everyone!
It seems there are no depths to which Barack's administration will no go.
All correct, and somehow, not supporting the death and dismemberment of these little babies, statistically half of which are girls, is considered a war on women -- how idiotic can their argument be? How can anyone believe their loathsome gibberish?
Roe v Wade will go down in history like the Dred Scott decision as a major mistake by a partisan SCOTUS, the difference being the former has cost us millions of lives. There is NO argument for it in the Constitution and it's bad law.
What a lovely little baby. To think that someone on this earth would kill it for their own convenience appalls me. How hateful can someone be than to kill a baby?
What happened to the legal case against her for not living in Louisiana?
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