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From my Cold Dead Hands will they take my firearms. Quote from The Great Charleston Heston. I Agee!!!
Where's secret service when you need them
Michelle Ovomit. What a lovely first lady?
Hey. Speaking of fairies, Barney is going to be speaking. That is if he can be understood.
Oldbroad, That's what ObamaZombies do. Drinking the Change!! Cool aide from 2008 has dissolved the ole brain.
Yep. Buildings will prob burn,looting and a ball game will prob break out.
You are Soo correct..what a Godly man huh.
Sounds like the "Freak Show" is close to kicking off. Oh boy. Lol
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Coded Words in Romney's Speech

Jeff3073 Wrote: Sep 01, 2012 4:22 AM
Amen, Amen!!. Can we say Muslim or will it be removed like every other time I've said it!
Absolutely correct!! Guess my other comment got flagged.called it like I see it and got yanked off here. He's Muslim and one day everyone will know.how nice would it be to have and American as president in Iran or Afghanistan. They have one of theirs president in OUR Country.
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