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DWS: Why, I Have No Idea Which Party Obama's SuperPAC is Affiliated With

Jeff293 Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 8:21 AM
absolutely fascinating comment from a Senior Advisor, Senior Executive within the Democratic Party national office. Can you imagine as a Senior Partner you have no clue on who is signing all these seriously expensive SuperPAC money and advertising revenues? They are using your Party leader, Mr.Obama, in name and in conjunction with the National Democratic Party to fund political campaigning. And Ms.Wasserman doesn't know -- who --- is authorizing or using her National Democratic Party as a platform to promote President Obama for re-election. She claims she doesn't know who these people are? Well, Debbie, maybe that's why the Obama Administration is going down in defeat this fall. Because you don't know poop from putty.

It's been awhile, but our pal Debbie strikes again:


"I have no idea the political affiliation of the folks who are associated with that SuperPAC."

Serious question: Why even try to dance around the truth about this?  We've seen this exact non-denunciation many times before.  And yes, I understand the...