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I enjoyed listening to Bob Lounsbury from Rochester AM Radio. fundementally he doesn't agree with Gay Marriage, but hey we Straight people do such a lousy job taking responsibility for our "traditional marriage". As Bob described, Gay society makes up less than 2% of total society. And Traditional Society makes up 98%. Of which 55% plus divorce. Of female partners, half are having children out of wedlock, and a many more don't get married at all. So who is doing more harm to the institution of marriage? So far, traditional marriage promoters are doing a pretty lousy job defending traditional marriage from a traditional marriage standpoint. Sounds a tad hypocritical to tell Gays they can't when we do so poorly ourselves.
I'm at a loss on this issue. If Gays were so adamant concerning "scouting". Why don't they form their own version of Scouting with their Gay Agenda attached to their Organization? Really! Why do hetrosexual aligned people have to continually capitulate our values to accomodate a Gay alternate lifestyle. What about the hetero sexual young males who are being instructed by other hetero Scout Masters. Don't or can't hetero young males have a "right" likewise not be be burdened with biased conflicting commentary from homosexual males? Can't a young male be instructed in an environment of common sexuality? How are young males to learn what is being Normal Male if from the time they enter school they are bombarded with progressive liberalism.
with so much public education Teachers (Unionists) pumping all this hot air into the heads of impressionable students. It's no wonder the public educational system is loaded with dream of grandiere running through their heads. A breeding ground of intellectuals being flooded with Peace Corp with NO PAYCHECKS. Guys like Soros getting doe eyed liberals coming out of university where smoke of progressivism is being blown up their backsides. They work their backsides off believing exactly like they were told all through high school and college. That "they are going to change the world", all done for free of course. But they were going to change the world, and kumbiya for all. Soros gets a groupie buring at both ends of the candle.
I thought for a moment on your claim, but I have to ask. Why are poor people consistently poor and why do error prone people constantly making mistakes, and why are accident prone people smashing their fingers when swinging a hammer? People who make decisions will have a proportion of those that consistently make bad bad choices. And no matter how much bubble wrap or bottom up redistribution of wealth that comes from the rich 2%ers. There are a massive number of twits who will be making the same ultimate impailments to prove progressive ideology cannot support these them. No matter how many Top Wage earners it takes to support bad judgement. We live in a freedom based society. One which even liberals have to admit. Freedom of choice suck
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Obama: "We Are Not a Deadbeat Nation"

Jeff293 Wrote: Jan 14, 2013 4:41 PM
Sorry to break it to ya liberal Democrats, but the reality sucks when you live your life in a Bubble Wrap existence of progressivism. YES YOU ARE A NATION OF DEADBEATS. You are borrowing vastly more than you are taking in. And the next four years of entitlement driven liberals will further put you in the DEADBEAT class of countries.
Life can't get better than this when LGBT can write their own version of Wonderful. Forget about those old restrictive biblical Commandments and verses. Rewrite it, revise it and above all leave out that God person. Don't need that party pooper when its Golden Shower Night.
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Tax Rich Liberals

Jeff293 Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 10:56 PM
you know, tax the 2% for the next four years. As for this bizarre taxation of the dead. But, didn't that person man or woman pay taxation on that money for all those decades leading up to their death? Even on the interest that their collective money over those decades they paid tax on. But liberal Democrats and mentally dysfunctional liberals want to massively tax the death of the individual. One retard on the Hannity program couldn't get it in her freaking head what Probate Courts are for. She thinks wealthy people are some sort of "Redistribution Center of Wayward Underachievers". No she demanded that people classified as "rich" must fork over all of their wealth and freely give it to underachieving low income people. Bizarre.
the Republicans lost, the "people" chose. Let the liberals have their day, and the life they chose for themselves. Get the monkey off the backs of conservatives by letting the liberals live up to the delusional idea that by taxing the rich will nirvana come to the many. Last time I checked, no poor man opened a business to hire unemployed people. And no country ever who has embraced socialism has come out of socialism unscathed. Lift the protection conservatives have been describing to the people. they people chose so let them meet their lions. The liberals do not have enough tax cash in the top 10%. The only way Obama can redistribute the wealth is by redefining "RICH". And to do that all those middle income earners defined RICH.
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Make the Democrats Own the Obama Economy

Jeff293 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 2:32 PM
what the Republican conservatives should do is "let them burn for all their worth". Then House Representative Obama made a career out of abstaining from hard votes, or avoiding them altogether. The man when the iron hit the fire, he pulled out and avoided anything that might his name on it. He had the worst attendence of all House Reps, and votes were worse. The one shining example of liberalism is the Trump Card pulled out that the Conservative Vote is blocking liberal Pandora. If all the conservatives got out to the way, Liberalism would shine like a beacon of hope, and a cornucopia of bliss would develop across the land. That's what every one of us has heard from liberal supporters for the past sixty years. Let them BURN.
atheists don't stand for anything, but they sure as heck won't stand for anyone else to have something. nobody says that an atheist has to stay home for Christmas, but ask yourself, would they turn down the double time wage on the National Holiday? Most likely not. I know of Jehova Witness who don't recognize Christmas and they too like atheists NEVER turn down the holiday premium pay, NEVER. They stretch out their hands on dominant Christian holidays and take that cash with both hands. If you are a true atheist and you don't accept majority held Christian holidays, don't accept the premium pay, and only recognize the holiday days are regular days of work, with less people around.
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The Limits of Liberal "Tolerance"

Jeff293 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 2:14 PM
and what is that exactly? Your opinion is more worthy of public comment? That Urinate Obama isn't art but Urine Stained Christ is art. Funny, I thought freedom to express yourself was open to all people, not select people. And besides that, ---- who is the selection chosen people who can express themselves over and above all common people? this should be informative, come on pal, pony up and tell the world --- who is entitled ....
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